4. My Sanity

Email Sent in by Chris:

I read your profile and was inspired to write the following list of things you'll never see:

1. The Andromeda Galaxy up close, in person.
2. People made of pure gold, just up and walking around.
3. Me naked.

That is all.



  1. I kind of want to see the OP's profile before passing internet e-judgment on this. If he had a relatively normal profile, then this kind of message was uncalled for and the girl was being a jerk for no good reason. But if he had some ridiculously hippy beatnik poet profile where he waxes poetic about the beauty of the stars, how he spends hours staring at the Andromeda galaxy, and how he thinks people are full of light and something sees them like as covered in gold, then I think this girl is awesome and would date her in a heartbeat.

    (The above may have sounded oddly specific, but I've seriously seen profiles like that.)

  2. I'm going to imagine that this is a response to the earlier "you know there's a delete option" profile!

  3. I'm on the fence between wolfie and Jason here. If it were me, I would click next, but if the profile was like wolfie suggested, I certainly wouldn't blame someone for sending them a sarcastic message.

  4. Maybe OP emailed her first or "winked" or "poked" or whatever the kids are up to these days on dating sites. This was her response. Bitchy?? HELLS YES. Hilarious? Oh gracious yes.


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