That Was a Great Night

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About me:

never been in prison just public drunkenness but who hasn't been drunk in public sometime am i right??????

not my fault anyway it was all my friends around me who was drunk. they were the ones who made me chase that woman down five blocks and ripped my shirt off and then they all said go do her steve and so i tried really i did but then she screamed something i couldnt hear so i had to get closer and then whoa hello cops!

NOT illegal to be outside with no shirt on. not illegal that and not illegal to run outside. so whats illegal? sir your drunk. no i am not officer. yes you are sir. no im

why hello jail cell you smell like piss. wheres my lawyer? not in here son get some sleep.

wake up time and you may go sir dont be a menace any longer. i wont officers.

next night same thing? you betcha!


  1. Oh, Charlie Sheen. Look what you've done to America.

  2. I think maybe his 'friends' are in his head. "I'm not drunk, it's my friends who ripped off my shirt and made me chase this lady because I'm gonna do her!" Crazy creepy.

  3. a bad case of the rapes...

  4. Best profile ever: "I'm an attempted rapist lol." A service to humanity to warn others away so efficiently.

  5. Well the important thing is that he learnt his lesson

  6. "I tried really hard to rape her, but I didn't manage!"

    Uh, okay then.

  7. The first two paragraphs practically sound like the dating profile of an 11th century Viking.

    "So, how was your weekend, Hrothnar?"
    "Eh, got drunk, did a little rape and pillaging... the usual."


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