I Sat on the Roof and I Ticked Off the Boss

Story Sent in by Anna:

Keith and I were on a walk on the evening of our first date. It was meant to be a walk and then dinner and then dancing, and I was excited about it. He offered to take me to a local building's roof observation deck to look out over the city. I thought that would be a nice way to start the date, so off we went.

When we arrived in the building lobby, though, a security guard told us, "I'm sorry. The roof deck's closed for the next week and a half."

Keith said, "We're just going up to the roof deck."

The guard said, "So I guessed, but I'm afraid it's closed."

Keith replied, "We can't go up to the roof deck?"

"No, sir. It's closed."

Keith looked at me, then back at the guard. I was about to say, "It's not a big deal," when Keith turned back to the guard.

"It's a roof deck. Is the roof out for repairs or something? How can it be closed?"

The guard said, "There was a small electrical fire up there yesterday, and we're not letting anyone up until it's safe. I'm sorry."

Keith said, "We'll be careful."

"The roof deck is closed. Can I help you with anything else?"

Keith stormed out fast, and I hurried to catch up with him. When we made it outside, he gave the building the finger and I said to him, "It's really okay. We can still have a good night. Why don't we–?"

"The night's ruined," he said, "I was going to propose to you up there, but now that's never going to happen. Have a nice life."

He walked away. I didn't follow him.


  1. I read this story again after he mentioned the proposal, because in the beginning it said it was a first date.


  2. Anna, now you have direct, personal proof that Something is looking out for you! Electrical fires to the rescue!!!!!!!!

  3. ^ What, you mean you don't believe in twoo wuv at first sight?

  4. Hmm... I don't find it weird that there are idiots like that guy out there. I can guess these are the kids who were slow in school but their parents spoiled them and yelled at their teachers instead. Now they've grown up and reality is unkind to them.

  5. Benefit of the doubt post:

    He had planned on taking her to the roof deck on their first date to cement the romance of the evening. Dinner, dancing, a night to remember. Later, when they were ready to take the relationship "to the next step," he was going to take her back to the roof deck where they spent their first magical night and propose to her there.

    No roof top deck on the first date, no poignant proposal location. Whomp, whomp.

  6. ^ That's still pretty far into Creepsville. If that was indeed his plan, then Keith was planning waaay too far in advance.

  7. Well, yeah, but hoping he was planning to propose to her far into the future as opposed to on a first meeting helps me sleep better at night.


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