That Same Guy Has Stood There for Four Years

Story Sent in by Harriet:

Walter and I met at a Halloween party. He was Andy Warhol and I was a white fairy, complete with tiara, wings, and requisite short skirt. We danced, kissed a little, and I gave him my number.

He called me the next day and we chatted for a while. Dinner plans were made, during which he said, "You should wear your fairy outfit."

I laughed. "I will."

We arranged to meet up in a park. When I showed up, not in my fairy outfit (thinking that Walter had been joking), he was upset. "What's this?" he asked, looking my blouse and pants combo up and down, "Where's your fairy costume? It was really hot."

Thinking he was kidding, I said, "You only get that once a year. Ready for dinner?"

He said, "Not until you're in the fairy costume. A promise is a promise."

"I never promised that. Not seriously, anyway."

He asked, "Will you at least go change into a skirt? I'll wait."

I said, "Are you for real? If I leave, I'm not coming back."

"I'm totally serious. I'll wait. I don't care."

Disappointed, I left. He might still be waiting there, as I haven't heard from him since.


  1. And every halloween night, the ghost of Walter stands alone in the park, waiting for his lost fairy.

  2. are guys really that bad? Seriously, I blame the parents. Even as a TEENAGER I have never said such a thing to a woman.

  3. I'm confused, Joshua... what is it that you've never said to a woman - "can you wear that fairy outfit for me?" I think this guy's mistake wasn't in saying that, or even in wanting to see the girl he had made out with in the costume that attracted him to her (or however it went down at the party). His mistake was making the costume a deal breaker, and that with a girl that was already down with him. That is just stupidity on the guy's part - nothing to do with "guys in general" or anything of the sort, far as I can tell.

  4. Churro,

    I mean of course, that he insisted she change into a skirt... yes, I agree it is stupidity on his part, but a lot of the stories on this site reflect that. Perhaps I should say of a lot of people on this site (men and women alike) are mentally ill in some way.

  5. Haha, I know what you mean - these people seem crazy to us reading these stories. As far as bad dates go, this one was pretty tame, almost nothing compared to some of the worst here, but I think what these stories show is that some people are barely willing or capable of seeing things or acting from a "common sense" perspective. In my opinion, it all comes down to immaturity and wanting to get things here, now, exactly like you want them - and when that fails, the result is what we see here.

  6. It is entirely a failure to consider things from other peoples points of view.

    When they do not do this, everything becomes about them, leading to situations like this.

    What is most scary is that these people have made it to dating age without learning this skill. Unless they shape up, they are well on the path to becoming self entitled, whiny losers.

  7. ^ I'd say a majority of today's people are just that.

  8. Unfortunately true. There are SOME times when i'm glad i'm 'old school'.


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