...And Scream at Pavement and Shrubs Together

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So I like to skateboard. So what? That does not make me a criminal. Instead of making laws against people who are fit and in shape (in order to make them more obese you government bastards) maybe you can stop spending trillions on wars being fought NOT IN MY NAME????? NEWS FLASH: A GUN KILLS MORE PEOPLE THAN A SKATEBOARD. A GUN SHOOTS BULLETS. BOMBS KILL HUNDREDS. WHY ARE YOU SO CONCERNED WITH SKATEBOARDERS???? Maybe you're afraid of what we all really know about you, that deep inside you are truly powerless. I don't care how often you chase me away. I will keep coming back to skateboard, shred, and do my thing. BE AS YOU ARE! LAND OF THE FREE, SUCKAS!!!

If you like to skateboard I know some really great places that no one ever goes to. Let me know and we can go together.


  1. Honestly, this is the best way for him to find a mate who loves skateboarding as much as he does. Anybody who does will agree with his little tangent. And it will be a match :)

  2. The people he's talking about probably don't have a problem with skateboarders in particular, just trespassers and people who cause property damage.

  3. ^ And the graffiti that seems to be attracted to wherever skateboarders go.


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