And Sparks Flew

Story Sent in by Ricky:

Amy had an interesting tidbit on her profile: she said that she was planning to enter an electrician training program. I used that to strike up a conversation. She was a huge fan of herself, but she kept my interest long enough for us to schedule a first date.

As we walked to dinner, she asked, "How many female electricians do you know? Answer honestly."

I answered honestly. "None."

"Exactly. I'm going into it to dispel gender stereotypes. And besides, most electric things you see are wired wrong or at least inefficiently."

"They all seem to work fine for me."

She countered, "You'd think that, but so many times, they cut corners and use cheap materials so they can ratchet up the price. I'm going to be an honest female electrician."

"You're two-thirds of the way there."

When we sat down to dinner, she would not shut up about the lights in the restaurant. "These lights are inefficient," she said, "They used the wrong bulbs, and track lighting is inefficient to the extreme. I would totally rewire this place."

I said, as a joke, "You should tell them."

She replied, "Great idea! I could even use them as a reference!" She stood and left the table. I didn't see where she went, but I assumed that she went to see a manager.

Sure enough, when she returned, she sat down and said, "I spoke to the manager and he said that they used a licensed, experienced electrician. I told him that they overpaid. He didn't take me seriously, but I made him, and then he said that he would pass my recommendations on to the owner!"

"That's really super great. Are you going to follow up?"

She nodded. "Absolutely. First with a sexual harassment suit against that manager. How dare he not take me seriously, you know? He has to learn to respect me, the electrician trade, and the idea of a female electrician."

"That's harsh."

"He won't learn, otherwise. Maybe I could open up my own business with the lawsuit settlement. It would be nice to not have to take out a loan. You'll use me, right? When I become a female electrician? Look at me, I'm already scouting for customers!" She laughed. "But seriously, you'll use me?"


"And not some stupid blowhard male electrician?"


"Awesome. I can't get over how awful the lighting is in here..."

By the time dinner was over, I was ready to offer her a full scholarship to the electrician school of her choice, if only she'd stop talking. Mercifully, it was over soon enough. I have no idea if her dream ever came true.


  1. A sexual harassment suit? way to dispel gender stereotypes!
    I don't care the gender of the person I hire, whoever is most experienced and actually good at their job.

  2. Isn't threatening to use your gender to punish someone taking a step BACK from equality?

  3. First thing she should rewire is her head...

  4. My dad is a building inspector. He says that the licensed electricians are usually the ones who wire their own houses so badly they become safety hazards. That said, I would still trust a licensed electrician more than a gender-baiter who hasn't even started her training yet.

  5. Tom's got the right idea.

  6. Ashley: Not to mention that she's relying on money from a man to start her own business, and dissing male electricians as "blowhards" just for being male.

    She needs to take a remedial feminism course.


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