Who Knew That the Sun Was So Megalomaniacal?

Email Sent in by Colleen:

What is your favorite kind of flower? If I buy some for you will you water them every day? I am Adam. You are very beautiful like a flower. Whatever your favorite type of flower is you are more beautiful than that.

Like a flower I will water you every day and turn you to face the sun. I am the sun and you will grow strong in my rays. My love will be your water. What else do you need? Food? I will provide you with food. Oh food I will. Maybe it is companionship of others that you like but as the sun lusts not for other stars neither shall you desire any more than what I give you.

I ask again what is your favorite flower?

You are my favorite flower
To sing to every hour
From now until the end
I am your only friend.

You inspired that. A flower inspires the sun! Many miracles.



  1. Any woman who is smart and sensitive enough to appreciate poetry, but not smart/sensitive enough to know bad, trite, generic poetry, will find that poem absolutely beautiful. It's a fine line.

  2. How incredibly creepy.

  3. I bet he sends this message to multiple recipients.

  4. ^ Agreed, it is very usefully generic.

  5. Of course it is generic, after all; there is only ONE sun, but a LOT of flowers ;)

  6. Does anyone actually want a partner who thinks he's going to be their *only* friend? Remember, abusers isolate their victims from their support network.


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