Wish I Hadn't Popped Off That Delete Key

Email Sent in by Catherine:

If your nose was just a little bit smaller then I could see us going out together to all the best places. It could be that the angle that your photos were taken from was bad enough to make it look like you have a large nose but that is unlikely. Your options are few. Nose replacement is dark business but I have a buddy who works in a morgue and you wouldn't believe his stock.

Seriously I can help you out. I can't be seen in public with you now but maybe after a couple of drinks you'll look better to me. I'm going to go do that then come back to this message.

Oookayy now I ve had a coupkle and so not I think I can see you in a brand new light. I love the way light shines yon your face and I'm so sorry for saying twhat I said about your big nose it isn't big at all and I just am sorry. Just forget I said it and please forvirgive.



  1. Ding Ding!

    ^Sorry SL, but you owe $1 to the epic jar for improper use of the word.

  2. Agree with Mediator. This was standard trolling, at best.

    ...I wish there really WERE a jar people had to contribute money to every time they misused the word "epic." It'd solve the US debt crisis quickly. I'm a big fan of hyperbole, but the word "epic" is just...so passe.

    1. Yeah, overusing it is kind of an epic fail.

  3. I think 'Shattering looks' should Win $1 for getting more of a reaction in the comment section then the troll who wrote the letter. Actually $2 for each word he used.


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