The Handsomer Identical Twin

Profile Sent in by Sandra:

About me:

Imagine the hottest guy you've ever seen. Good. Now imagine that he's a prince and that he has an even hotter younger brother. With me so far? Now imagine that he has a cousin who's even hotter still. Now this cousin has an identical twin who's even hotter than that! So hot that you can't look right at him or you'll go blind..

That's me (the brother of the cousin). I don't put up profile pics because I think it cheapens the experience. You can look at my photos and decide that you don't want to date me before even learning about who I am! Cast superficiality aside and imagine me as your handsome!


  1. I bet the last line of his profile ends in "P.S. - No Fatties."

  2. He probably ha a point, but I hope he likes disappointing women who decide to meet him.

  3. no woman that is prone to disappointment will ever meet him...

  4. "and imagine me as your handsome."

    Can't get over how pathetic this sounds. Her handsome what?

  5. Only gay guys should refer to other guys as "hot."

  6. Is it gay to say that I like my churro hot?

  7. This has inspired to me to actually read the profiles of "no-photo" guys. I usually just cast them aside immediately, but after reading this post, I can only imagine the hilarity that I will find to share.

  8. Ah-ha! I found Chunky Horse's profile!


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