You Might Work With This Guy

Email Sent in by Doreen:

This is the 50th message I've written today and for this I will do something special.  Let us see if you can tell what's different by the end of the message:

Hello.  Tired of the same old guys online!  Now you should try me and I will connect with you in ways you didn't know possible.  Just one date and see what I have to offer.  I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Okay, so what did I do that was different from every other message I did today?  I went into the bathroom at work, stripped off all my clothes and wrote it while naked!!!   ;)



  1. At least he didn't mention he typed it without using hands...

  2. well, he could have had ONE free hand.

  3. Way to make a lady feel special - 'You're the fiftieth woman I've asked out for a date today!'


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