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Who I'm looking for:

This topic needs to be approached with the greatest of care and decorum being a little tricky to describe online.

I like to give and i like to receive but if i am to 'give' my strong preference is for a lady to have a hypoallergenic meow meow, even if that means spending outrageous amounts of money at an exclusive inner city beauty and waxing salon where the decor is more precious than you are.

It's certainly something which is very important to me as i'm a visual person and appreciate such inviting presentation.  If you have a hypoallergenic meow meow it's virtually a done deal as I calculate we are otherwise 98.734% compatible.


  1. A "hypoallergenic meow meow"? We have a new euphemism! I, for one, am so very happy!

  2. I'm not the only one that wants to know exactly what that means, am I?

  3. ^ I think we all do...

  4. He wants his potential love interests to wax off their pubic hair.

    'Hypoallergenic meow-meow' as an euphemism for brazilian waxing leads me to believe that this guy has the maturity level of a five-year-old.

  5. I wonder if this guy knows that aseptic genitals are unhealthy for women and that hairlessness does not equate cleanliness....

  6. I think the dude should get his bow-wow waxed and see how he likes it.

  7. Hypoallergenic meow-meows are quite expensive, I can't see how anyone can afford them. http://www.allerca.com/

  8. Does he know that the "inner city" typically means the less affluent areas of a city?

  9. Isn't meow-meow a street name for one of those drugs people take that's actually plant fertiliser?


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