You Showed Him

Story Sent in by Brianna:

Doug wrote to me online when I lived in Denver. He said that he lived in Evergreen, an easy 40-minute drive. We spoke for a couple of weeks and finally made a date for a Saturday night.

We met at a parking lot in Denver, and I went to hug him in greeting. He went in for a kiss. I dodged away.

He said, "I drove over six hours to see you tonight. The least you could give me is a kiss, maybe some more."

"Six hours?" I asked him, "Denver's not six hours from Evergreen!"

He said, "Yeah, but it is six hours from where I live in Buffalo, Wyoming."

I stared at him. "You drove here from Wyoming? Your profile said that you lived in Evergreen!"

He said, "Yeah, well I live in Buffalo. So now maybe you can come back to my car with me. It's important. And I could use a place to stay."

I felt awful that he drove all that way, but not awful enough to give away my dignity. He moved in for another kiss, and I had the following thoughts: if he was a guy who had come from just out of town, I wouldn't have kissed him under those circumstances. Why, then, should I have done anything with him at all? Because he lied about where he lived and drove six hours for a date? No way. I stepped away from him.

He yelled, "Christ! Six hours and nothing to show for it?"

I yelled back, "You lied about where you live!"

"Because I wanted some action! Now are you going to give me some, or not?"

I laughed, "No!"

He screamed, "Don't you laugh at me! I'll show you!"

He climbed into his car, peeled away, and I never heard from him again.


  1. These self-entitled men make me feel stabby.

  2. I think he's going to get plastic surgery, change his name, and move closer to you, only to seduce you, have sex with you, and that will be how he shows you; 1 minute and 27 seconds into his sexual performance when he finishes, he'll roll off and yell "HA, I showed you!"

    So don't have sex with any man ever again, clearly it is Doug trying to trick you

  3. "Because I wanted some action! Now are you going to give me some, or not?"

    'Oh OK then, I guess if you drove so far it would be really mean of me not to bring you home, service you all night, and make you breakfast. And don't forget to remind me to chip in for your petrol expenses bill too!'

  4. Yeah a six hour walk or bike ride might get you a 'Hi' or handshake, but a six hour drive, definately nothing.

  5. I have a rule: the instant a date is found to have lied about anything significant, date's over. Trust is so vital in a relationship that if someone can't even be trustworthy for the length of a date, they're totally hopeless.

  6. "Oohh, you're going to feel my wrath... I'm going to speed away angrily and ruin your whole life by ignoring you completely! Muhahaha!"

  7. I'm moving to Denver, and Scientist Fiance's aunt and uncle live in Evergreen! :D

    ...that is all.


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