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Story Sent in by Jessica:

Sebastian wrote me a message online. His profile included a photo of him in a living room and sitting on a pile of raw meat. The photo caption read, "Me at my best!" Aside from that, he seemed like an interesting guy, so I wrote him back, sure to include a question about the meat seat.

"Oh, that," he replied, "I did it on a dare back home."

It was silly, but it was also my kind of silly, and so we went out together on a date.

I didn't mention anything about the meat seat thing, but he did. "Did you like that picture of me on the meat?" he asked, as well as, "If I got a pile of meat, would you be interested in seeing me sit on it?" and "You think you might ever be into sitting on meat with me?"

At that point, I was pretty wise to what was going on. I asked him, "Are you trying to get me in on a kink or something?"

He grinned sheepishly and replied, "Maybe."

I said, "I'm flattered, but I don't think that I'm too into meat."

He said, "You asked me about it in your first message to me. I thought you were all sorts of interested in it."

"I asked you about it because it's unusual. No one else has pointed that out to you?"

"No. You should try it with me, tonight. Free your mind."

"No thanks."

He rolled his eyes. "You've never had sex 'til you've had it on meat, but whatever."

It cast a pall on the remainder of the evening, and although we were still both polite enough towards each other, I think we were both relieved when the date was over.


  1. Now that is one weird kink.

  2. I hope he has a tape to obsessively watch of that one ANTM episode where Tyra made the girls do a photoshoot in meat outfits.

  3. I'm just going to wait patiently for Howie's comment

  4. ^^About letting a girl sit on his meat?

  5. Nah raw meat, I couldn't do it. Wouldn't be able to resist the compulsion to spice, prepare and cook or barbecue the meat... Mmmm, barbecue the meat.

  6. I'd definitely have to cook it if it was chicken, salmonella is no joke

  7. I wonder what kind of dry rub he prefers...

  8. Sawyer, you dont want to tenderize the meat? Mmmmm, tenderize the meat ;)


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