A Surgeon? A Gigolo? His Dad?

Story Sent in by Christa:

I met Jeff in town one evening, and the plan was to go to dinner. He approached me, as if he wasn't sure who I was at first. He said, "Christa?" then stepped back and said, "Whoa. Your face... it..."

I was alarmed. "It what?"

He sighed and gave me a look as if the answer was something that I should have known. He then pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

When the somebody he called picked up, Jeff said, "Hey, Moki. How's it going, man? Great, great. Look, I'm out on a date with this..."

He looked at me as if analyzing something, then went on, "...girl, and her face sucks. How much would you charge at this time of night?"

Shocked, I turned away from him and walked away. He yelled after me, "Wait, come back! Your body's fine! Come on!"

For the record, my profile always has included at least three photos of myself, all of which have been taken within the past year. Nothing about my face, to my knowledge, had changed much from when the photos were taken to the night of the date. Whoever Moki was, I hope that Jeff received his money's worth.


  1. ".. and her face sucks" hehe wow. I think this was Jeff's very stupid attempt at negging*, which is meant to be subtle be the way.

    *Low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances. This is something no decent guy would do.

  2. If somebody tries to knock you down, know that you are already above him!
    I bet your face is lovely!

  3. I agree with Howie. What a douchebag. Karma will get him one day.

  4. Howie, did you take a blow to the head? Or have been replaced with a body snatcher of some sort?

  5. WTF where is the real Howie?

    And OP forgot about that douchenugget.

  6. Wow, this behaviour is absolutely shocking. HOWIE said something nice?!?

    Oh yeah, and what the date said was also kinda weird.

  7. This one isn't actually too hard to figure out. There never was a "date" at all, and Jeff and Moki tried to scam the OP.

    OP was supposed to have asked what was wrong with her face, whereupon Jeff would have said she needed some kind of treatment (like eyebrow waxing) and then take her to Moki's, who would have overcharged or worse.

    It's a shitty thing to do, and good for the OP for not getting roped into it.

    1. I was trying to figure out what Moki's role in this whole thing was.

  8. ^ That makes sense. Reminds me of the guy who wanted to sell makeup, and emails for profile consulting or whatever it wants.

    The must be an interesting book, or at least feature article, on people who use dating sites for scamming.

  9. The first thing I thought when I read this was PUA, so I'm with Sawyer on this one.

  10. OP, I'm sure you are very lovely as well. I also think it makes sense that the guy was a con artist....or he's from somewhere where all the women are considered beautiful if they have unkempt facial hair and/or faces that look like they hit a brick wall at birth.


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