I Might Need One After Reading This

Email Sent in by Barbara:

Let me be the key to your locked treasure box. I mean of course your mind. It is a place of wonder and imagination and I want to see what yours holds, that locked box of treasure.

Once it is opened I can thrust purposefully and repeatedly into the treasure box. I can only tell you that I speak of your mind. A place of danger and shadows and yet also of wonderment. I would enter it to please both of us.

I am a lover of the mind. Would you mind if I loved your dark box of treasure all night long? Just a simple connection... of beauty and danger. Perhaps a mind-douche is in order!



  1. Thank you, ABCotD. "Mind-douche" now joins in "crotch fruit" in my ever expanding vocabulary.

  2. I see what you did there...

  3. Finally a guy who is genuinely interested in what's on a woman's mind and not just concerned with sex.

  4. I can't even form a complete thought after reading that. Maybe *I* just experienced a mind-d... NO. I can't even type it.

  5. "We will talk about philosophy and share knowledge, until finally I spew my creamy white ideas into your mind."

  6. The unexamined mind is not worth douching

  7. I'm only surprised he didn't tack on "and by 'mind', I mean 'vagina'" at the end.


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