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Story Sent in by Lizzie:

Hugh was a guy I met over the Internet in my early twenties. He sweet-talked me for a couple of weeks, and I agreed to meet him at my place.

The night of our date, he arrived at my place close to a half-hour late. I opened the door for him. He pushed past me, walked in, flopped down on my couch, and practically splayed his legs. "So," he said, "What are we going to do now?"

I stammered, "L-let's go out. We were going to go out, right?"

He slapped his thighs and said, "Great!" then unzipped his fly, pointed to his crotch, and said, "Let's get started!"

Several different potential reactions flashed through my mind. I knew that protesting or getting angry would probably be exactly what he wanted or expected.

Instead, I composed myself, gave him a slow smile, and licked my lips. I stepped toward the door and said, "I have an idea: let's try it out in your car. Right on the street. You got the guts?"

He laughed, clapped his hands together, stood, zipped up his pants, and walked toward the door.

I gave an excited giggle, grabbed my purse, and switched off the light. He lumbered past me and I pulled out my keys, as if to lock the door behind us both. Instead, I slammed the door shut between us both and locked it behind him.

He roared and pounded on the door for a few minutes, then stopped all of a sudden. I heard him yell, "Fuck you, bitch!" and the sound of his car driving off. I have no idea what else he expected. What really chilled me was that this probably wasn't the first time he had tried it. Luckily, he never crossed my path again.


  1. Agree - VERY well played!

  2. How many times do I have to say it, if you tell a complete stranger where you live and allow them into your home on the first date you are just asking for terrible things to happen.

  3. @Ashley

    While that may be true, knowledge like that only comes from experience. If "Lizzie" never needed to worry about that before, and the same went for none of her friends, what reason would she have to avoid her home address?

  4. @ TheMediator
    I met my husband 6 years ago through Match.com. It took him over a month before I let him have my home address. I hadn't ever done Internet dating before, but I wasn't about to let a nearly complete stranger know where I lived. I hadn't had any previous experience to tell me otherwise; I was just using common sense.

  5. Well played OP.

  6. @LilMissSassyPants

    And I applaud you for using common sense! Unfortunately my own experiences, and the stories that we love so much from this site have set a very low precedent for common sense usage. Throw in a little naivety, and BAM! We have another abcotd story.

  7. @ The Mediator:

    Not meeting a first date at your home is pretty much rule #1. You do this to avoid bad things happening to you. Bit late _after_ something bad has happened to you.

    I'm a 37yo guy and I still wouldn't let any net date come to my house until I'd had a chance to ensure they were VAGUELY normal in a public setting. Girls should be even more careful.

  8. @Jason

    But you're 37. Simply put, old enough to have figured out how the world works. Doesn't really fit into our lacking common sense + naivety chat.

  9. LilMissSissyPants - True but wondering if you're older then the OP, the older one is, the wiser they are with common sense when it comes to complete strangers!


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