Some Like it Cold. They're Weird.

Profile Sent in by Betsy:

About Me

I'm a lover of the outdoors. I hike, canoe, climb, and camp. I can definitely rough it with the best of them.

I always prefer cold to hot. I have a shack behind my parents' house deep in the woods outside of town. Don't be frightened. It's not a shack where I kill with axes! It's a nice cold place with a firepit and bed. Fire can be lit for warmth if necessary but I prefer using bodies! Snuggling close!

I can also be at home in the cities. Whatevs.


  1. This is why the Amish aren't allowed to have online dating profiles...

  2. He prefers using bodies... freshly killed with his axe.

  3. Hahaha, it's not a shack where I kill with axes, silly!

    It's a shack where I kill with machetes. The axe-killin' shack is in the other woods.

  4. This doesn't sound all that strange. I mean, you can always leave out the clarification that you don't kill people, but otherwise it sounds like a neat place.


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