Would Calling You "Matchstick" Be Poor Taste?

Email Submitted by Kevin:

Hi I saw your profile and thought you might want to chat.  I'm Miriam and I hope you check out my profile too.  Nothing wrong with meeting new people and friends right?

One thing you should know: My hair is shorter than in my profile pics since my ex and his friend dared me to set my hair on fire.  I did and now my hair is all short.  When I say short I mean gone lol.  Head almost burned off.  LOL.

Write me,


  1. My only question: was he her ex BEFORE or AFTER this dare?

  2. Adding "LOL" at the end doesn't undo the crazy, Miriam.

  3. "Head almost burned off. LOL."

  4. What Sawyer86 and Pinkerton said.

  5. It's always nice when people put their crazy in an email rather than save it for the first date, saves time.


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