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Story Submitted by Nicole:

Tyler messaged me online, and we got along well enough for me to suggest meeting.  He said that he'd pick me up at my place on a Friday night, and that he'd take me out from there.

Friday night came, and right on time, he pulled up outside of my house.  I went out to meet him, he jumped out, and said, "I got you some stuff.  Check it out."

He opened the door to his car, and I saw that it was packed, floor to ceiling, with old electronics: VCRs, monitors, circuit boards, and computers.  He started to unload the stuff, right there, in my front yard.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, "I don't want any of this."

He said, "It all works.  And anyway, you can sell it for whatever you want.  I'm giving it to you for free."  He went on unloading.

I said, "But I don't want any of it."

"Then sell it."

"But I don't want to sell it.  Stop unloading it and take it back!"

He groaned, "But it's like I'm giving you free money!  Don't you want free money?"

I asked, "Where did you get this stuff in the first place?"

He stopped unloading and said, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, now do you want free money or not?"


He shrugged, then looked at his car and said, "Since you're not letting me unload more of this, there's no room for you to sit in here."

I replied, "I can follow you to wherever we go, in my own car."

He paused in thought for a little bit, looking down at the ground.  Then, he said, "No, you can't."  He then climbed into his car and drove off, leaving the electronics he had already unloaded right there, in my yard.

The next day, I called a friend of mine who worked in a computer store.  I let him take away what he wanted, and threw the rest away.


  1. I really liked your story, until the part where you said "I can follow you to wherever we go, in my own car."

    You still would've gone on a date with this guy? *Jeez Louise*

    And also, for safety reasons, I wouldn't have internet dates meet you at your house. There are plenty of stories on this site to support this advice. Be careful out there girl :)

  2. Sounds like SmallCityGirl has BigCityGirl's street smarts.

  3. SmallCityGirl: I was thinking that she had just said that to get him away from her house. Then she could drive somewhere else when he wasn't looking.

    But Churro is right: no meeting at someone's house next time.

  4. I wonder if he was trying to unload stolen goods.

  5. NIKKI - No i don't think she would of just drove away, she knew he knew where she lived and she probably knew better.. I mean what if he was a Stalker, What if he called and called and drove by etc, what if he got angry at her for 'driving away' and threw bricks at her car and house lol.. She probably realized it was to late to back out and was just gonna suck it up and go on a lousy date..

    He most likely thought she would be super exited at all the new ''gifts'' (or old gifts lol) and brought them as a way to suck up to her or get lucky but when she insisted she didnt want it he got let down and felt rejected, i mean why would he give it to a random girl and not someone he actually knew.. I wonder if it was stolen stuff..


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