Winners and Very Losers

Story Submitted by Jeffrey:

Dana and arranged to meet in the evening at a local cafe for our first date. I arrived there first, went inside, and waited. When she didn't show after 15 minutes, I gave her a call.

"Hey," she said when she picked up the phone, "Where are you?"

"I'm at the restaurant. Where are you?"

A pause on her end, then, "Oh! Right, right. I'll be there in a few."

We hung up, and as I waited for her, I tried to figure out a logical explanation. However, nothing of which I thought arrived close to the truth.

She texted me several minutes later: "Come meet us outside."

Us? Oh boy. I went outside to find her there with another guy. Both of them were dressed for a date. She said, "One of you will be my date. The other will walk away empty-handed. Here's what we're going to do..."

Was she serious? I lost all attraction to her in a moment. I stepped away and said, "No way. Adios."

I woke up the next morning to a text from her: "Thanks for forfeiting. John and I had a great time!!!"

I can't help but feel that somehow or other, I had actually won.


  1. BETTER PLAN: Totally make out with John. That would be the ultimate win.

  2. OP did exactly what I would have done except I would have laughed in derision first.

  3. I might have played along, could have been fun. A little competition never hurt anybody.

  4. "I might have played along, could have been fun. A little competition never hurt anybody."

    Except here, it would completely tool you. Think about what this shows about how lowly she thinks of men or of how high of a pedestal she wants to be put on

  5. Who would "play along" with a competition that serves as the premise for dozens of terrible reality shows? Heeeeeel no.

  6. ^ A shitload of people I guess - that's how they keep getting people to be in reality shows.

    And yeah, I'd have done exactly what OP did.

  7. OP did the right thing, I feel sorry for John.

  8. I might have mentioned something about head games being immature/stupid/unattractive, but "Oh HELL no" is the appropriate response regardless how you embellish it. :)


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