Turned Down for Will Smith

Story Submitted by Bobby:

Eva and I met online.  She was a movie buff, as I was, and we found common ground on that and several other topics.  I asked her out to dinner, and that part of the date, at the very least, went well.

Right after we left the restaurant, she said, "I'm kind of in the mood to watch a Will Smith movie.  You ever get into one of those moods?"

I had never experienced one of "those moods" myself, and so I answered honestly.  "No.  I don't think he's in anything that's out right now."

She said, "Well, I kind of want to watch something with him in it."

I suggested, "We can rent something."

"Where would we watch it?" she asked, "It's a little too soon to go back to one of our places."

I suggested, "The library, I guess?  They might have screening carrels."

She hit my shoulder in excitement and said, "Yes!  That's great!  It's early yet.  We can do that.  Let's go!"

I asked, "Are you for real?  You want to go watch a Will Smith movie in a library?"

But she was already walking toward the middle of town, where the library was.  I followed her there, she checked out I Am Legend, and we found a carrel in which to watch it.  I really didn't want to spend my evening doing that, so I said, "I don't really feel like watching this tonight."

She groaned, "I thought you liked movies."

I said, "I do, but I was hoping that we could do something that would enable us to get to know each other."

She sighed, "Well, I feel like I'm getting to know you pretty well right now, and I don't like it.  You're argumentative!"

"Can't we do something else, something that would enable us to interact a bit more?"

She said, "If you're asking me to choose between you and this movie, then I pick this movie.  I'm in a Will Smith mood, and it must be satiated."  She sat down in the carrel, inserted the DVD, and put on her headphones without giving me a second look.

I watched about 10 minutes of it before I became bored.  I tapped her shoulder, she paused the movie, and I said, "I think I'm going to head out."

"Do you want to watch another Will Smith movie?"

"I don't really want to watch any movie.  I'm not having fun."

"So now it's all about you?  I don't get it."

"It should be all about us."

She said, "You're being selfish, and I'm missing quality Will Smith time.  Go.  Go!"

I went.  I hope that those two hours of bad movie were worth not having me in her life.


  1. i'm guessing the movie was worth it.

    seriously, dinner and a movie is classic date stuff to do. would it have killed you to watch a movie? (although i am legend was pretty terrible IMO.) and on top of that, it would have been a unique experience. i'm seriously thinking about trying this with my wife some night now. never even thought of watching a movie in the library, sounds fun to try!

  2. If you didn't want to go to the library...why suggest going to the library? It sounds like she was just trying to have fun.

  3. Since when on a date, if one person wants to do something, does it mean that both people should want to do it? Team Bobby.

  4. I'm with Jared. And to top it off it was a terrible movie OP was being asked to watch.

  5. Oh come on ya'll! Many a men have sat through MUCH worse movies than "I Am Legend" to score points with a girl. She could have been in a Reese Witherspoon mood. OP wussed out here but her reactions weren't too great either. Why get all the way to the library before saying you want to do something else?

  6. If they hadn't killed the dog it would have been a great movie.

  7. Weak. If you didn't want to do it, then you shouldn't have gone to the library, let her check out the movie, find a carrel, and start it up.

    You lead her on. Pretty much everything that followed was your fault.

  8. I don't think Bobby is a Bad Boy in this story.

    He was looking for the Pursuit of Happyness by going out on a date with her....maybe she'd eventually play with his Handcock?
    I wouldn't say she was completely the Enemy of the State in this story , but no way should they Hitch up.

  9. Gold star, Howie. Gold star.

  10. Why are people giving the OP crap. Watching a movie is a horrible choice for a first date. You don't get to know anyone through a movie. You just stare blindly at a screen. He wanted to get to know her better and she didn't respect that. That's not exactly objectionable

  11. It depends on what kind of movie person you are. and what movie you go to for whether or not a movie is a good first date. If you are both serious moviegoers and very in to film, then going to a movie, and discussing it afterwards can be a great experience.
    If their cell goes off in the middle, or you don't mesh well while watching the movie (ie you love making sidebar comments during the movie and they don't, or vice versa) you've effectively figured it all out in 2 hours for the same price as dinner, and seen a movie you wanted to see

    I instinctively am on Bobby's team simply for the statement of "It should be all about us."

    He knows his Calculus

  12. You + Me = Us.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed "I Am Legend." For that reason: team Eva!

  14. OP sounds like a bit of an ass. Watching a movie for 2 hours, even I Am Legend, is what you do, when your date wants to do it. Of course, if he had suggested something better, that might have been different, but he didn't mention any of HIS ideas...

  15. I'm on team Bobby but only for the reason she gets will smith moods. That's the cue to run.

  16. Movies are a fantastic choice for a first date precisely because they're so impersonal and limit the extent to which you actually have to talk to the other party. It's a good way to vet people for basic standards of hygiene and politeness before you get to a restaurant scenario or something where you actually have to converse with them.

  17. 1. Random Series of Numbers & Letters and Marie: I LOVE YOU BOTH.

    2. Howie: Points as always.

    3. Joshua: That's why I'm not allowed to watch this movie. I care much more about puppehs than I do about Will Smith.

    Finally, (4) if it had been "Men in Black" (ONE) or even "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," I'd be on Team Eva. However, it also could have been "Wild Wild West," so OP dodged a bullet.

  18. Sure, if they are both serious movie goers it can be a good date, but for the most part you aren't getting to know each other, which makes it bad.
    I didn't say movies make bad dates, just bad FIRST dates. Most accept it as good because its what we know. If you prefer a movie date for a FIRST date, you either are hooking up during the movie (and probably had decent interactions before) or you can't hold your own in conversations

  19. I think both of 'em could have been more flexible about the whole thing. On the other hand, they found out they're not so compatible right off, so points for that and no harm no foul. Eva evidently had a playful/silly side that didn't mesh with Bobby's sense of fun. Nothing wrong with that, it just means they're both better suited for other people.

  20. killing the dog was pretty much the one redeeming quality of that movie.

    also, you should all take note that they had just gone to dinner and that it "went well" so its not like they didn't have a chance to talk and get to know each other. i think movies are fine on a first date, because usually you can do ice cream or something after and the movie makes a good topic of conversation because it isn't a personal topic to either one of you and you can get a good idea of whether you even WANT to spend much personal interaction time with that person. like arthur said.

    OP gets crap because he deserves crap.

  21. That was pretty rude of you to suggest the library, get all set-up and then decide you didn't feel like doing it. I would have been annoyed by you too.


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