You'd Tell My Pets? You Monster!

Email Submitted by Owen:

this is a bad place for u.  u shouldnt be online looking for girls.  ur married!  i will tell ur wife!

on monday morning i will ask for that raise you promised but never gave me unless u give it 2 me.

i already made copies of ur profile so dont even try 2 erase it!  ur wife will know ur kids will know ur neighbors will know ur family will know ur friends will know everyone at work will know and ur pets will know.  i will make sure of it!  give me that raise u basterd!!!


(Owen says: "I'm unmarried and I have no idea who this woman is.  I didn't respond to her, so I'm sure that she had a memorable Monday at the office."


  1. But with such excellent spelling and grammar, I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding new employment.

  2. This is probably something that should have been reported to the police. Whoever she is, blackmail is a very serious crime.

  3. I'm all disappointed that he didn't write her back on Tuesday to ask how it went. :D

  4. @Andrew

    The police have better things to do than to try and track down some random woman on the Internet that more than likely falls outside their jurisdiction.


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