When Zoologists Date

Email Submitted by Lina:

Hey, a buddy and I were about to go out and grab some lunch earlier today, but we decided we'd goof-around online for a bit first, and came across your profile. Don’t ask how the topic came up, but we got into the most ridiculous discussion as to whether or not your eyebrows were plucked or waxed (they’re nice btw).

Now we have a bet going; he thinks you only wax them, and must shave a bloodthirsty wolverine if he loses. I think – though you may wax – that you pluck for upkeep. If I lose I have to somehow find a way to crossbreed a panda with a koala. He’s a verterinarian if you hadn't already guessed, and he showed me this business that sells Chinchilla's as house pets. He’s trying to order one, but the problem is that it needs a real badass name and we can’t think of one! What should we call it?



  1. ...

    This is one of the stupidest phenomenons to hit the internet.

  2. I'd totally email chat with these two. The spelling and grammar are great, and the random sense of humor matches mine.

    FYI: I get mine waxed and trimmed. Occasionally I pluck in between times, but that shit hurts more than waxing.

  3. Yeah, I dig the sense of humor; although I think asking about personal grooming habits is a bit too personal to ask someone you've never met.

  4. Panda and Koala DNA just don't splice...

    I'd have talked to them too. I employ a nameless chinchilla to groom my eyebrow hair. We would have little to discuss.


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