What a Nice Surprise for the Two of You

Email Submitted by Elaine:

You seem like a lovely young woman.  I'm a self-made businessman with a proposition for you:

I'm engaged but not married yet.  My marriage is in five months.  In that time, I want to test the boundaries of my future wife's committment to me.  I have it in mind to date around, meet other people, see what happens, and then, right before our marriage, I will confess it all to her to see if she'd still stay with me.  If she does, then we're meant to be together for ever.  If not, then I'll know that she wasn't the one.

Sounds unusual I know.  A friend of mine in California did this 5 years ago and it worked out great for him and his wife forgave him and they're now expecting their second child.  In your case, I would be prepared to pay for dinners, nights on the town, whatever you'd want, because how could you put a price on real love?

I know I'm younger than you, but I only ask that you not be the sort of person who forms quick attachments.  I can't afford drama at this stage in the game.  Let me know what you think since spots are limited, (and I can only make so many excuses to my fiancee about where I am and what I'm doing! ;))



  1. Awful, just awful.

    I don't care what kind of reasoning you attach to this, but there is nothing you can do to excuse the fact that you are planning 5 months of cheating on your wife-to-be.

  2. I think Elaine should've taken him up on his offer, just enough to have sufficient proof along with the email to show the fiancé.

  3. because he doesn't want drama.....

  4. ^Yeah, that part was hysterical.

    Also the part about where his screwing around was a test of his future WIFE'S commitment.

    *slaps on the "What does he THINK will happen?" sticker*


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