Don't Worry. I'm Not.

Email Submitted by Doug:

Are you a fan of poemtry?  You say your a writer.  Write any poems?  My ex wrote me a lot of poems.  He said I was beautiful and he wrote me music too just like we were in old england or something!  I bootd his ass out of muy life when I got tired of him tho… lol.  He was stalkerish for a bit but now I'm back online and he knows that I will cry for the wolves if he takes even a step nearer to me!

So….. about me I guess?  I'm Tasha and I'm a sort of alphabitch I guess but that doesn't mean that I'm not tender and goodhearted.  You have have to work real hard to find that in me but when you do you'll be my prince forever and I will devote myself to you with passion.  I have to put up high walls because every guy I know want to have sex with me.  Am I being too blunt?  Sorry that's me - take it or leave it!  No sorryness!!!\

What do you do?  Have a secure job I hope.  Don't be in a big hurry to meet me.  I like to take things slow and steady until I'm sure about someone!

Be good,


  1. Hi. I like to dump men when I get bored of them. Would you like to keep me entertained for a few weeks?

  2. I honestly cannot see any guy reading this and thinking "She seems nice, I think I'll reply"
    What a horrible woman.


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