Swear by the Stars

Story Sent in by Cindy:

Alvin asked me if I wanted to go stargazing as part of our first date. I liked the idea, but it was still only a first date, and I didn't want to go alone into a field with any guy, so I asked him if we could perhaps shift back the stargazing to another time. He said that he was fine with that.

He took me out to dinner and we went to see a play performed by a local theatre troupe in a park. He was very polite and concerned with my comfort the whole time, and I enjoyed our time together.

Towards the end of the date, I had already told myself that if he asked me to go stargazing on a second date, I'd tell him that I'd do it.

Instead, during our late-in-date walk, he pointed up at the sky and said, "Look! Stars!"

I looked up and saw a couple. Then, he yelled in my face, "Ha! We went stargazing after all! Fuck yeah! Stargazing the whole fucking sky! Ha!" He then screamed at me, flailed his arms around, did a strange dance, and then stopped, bowed, and wished me a good night.

I did go stargazing a few weeks later, but not with him.


  1. That is great! My favorite part is when he said, " HA! We went stargazing after all!"


  2. It took me a minute, but I think you meant that he was "concerned" with your comfort. I couldn't quite wrap my head around how one could "convene" with someone else's comfort.

  3. I convened with someone else's comfort.

  4. If this is a bad date, I really can't wait for you to go on a date with some of the other dudes who have their dates posted on this site.

  5. Jesus, does anyone else wish AssPickles up there would shut up?

  6. In some places, ass pickles are a delicacy. Here, they are a shameless excuse to get people to visit a blog. (once would be okay, but every time?)

  7. So I decided to cave in and go to Mrs. Pickle's blog. I only had to read one entry to see what a sad and twisted person you really are. Now please STFU about your blog.

  8. I'm with you Mediator, the comments themselves aren't annoying me, it's the blatant self advertising in every post that's getting on my nerves.
    Oh and Coriolanus I would be interested to hear an excerpt, I refuse to give her one more visit count that would probably up visitor numbers to... five or so.

  9. The first time I read the URL I misread it as "pissinmyass.blogspot.com", then I read it again and I was disappointed.

  10. I really liked this post. The best part was when she said that she "liked the idea."


  11. I thought I'd do everyone here a service and visit the site, get an excerpt from it and show it to you all. As it turns out, it isn't at all original and it's actually kinda boring for how 'twisted' she thinks she is. Here you all go, now DON'T visit her blog. Otherwise I sacrificed 2 minutes of my life in vain.

    "I now have 25 fuckers who follow me. This makes me a happy girl! That is not why I am posting though, although that in itself is pretty damn exciting.

    I am posting because I would like to let you know that my husband and I have the same kind of twisted humor. So we thought it would be fun to go on Craigslist last night and look at the personal ads for fun. We found many great things, but there were a few that really made my night.

    First we went on to see what men out there were looking for women. There were tons of horny bastards out there. We found one guy who was looking for a lady who wanted to be “safe raped”. His heading said, “Do you have a fantasy of being “safe raped” by a good-looking guy?” So I of course was like WTF?

    Another one of my favorites was of a transgender guy who was married but wanted to do some anal exploring while his wife was at work He did not just want an asshole though, he wanted a facial aka pearl necklace. I wonder if his wife would throw up in a bucket if she found out. Oh and that reminds me! Remind me to tell you all about my ex husband who I found out was a queer! Anyway, the dude’s picture was actually very entertaining.

    Oh and I can’t forget to tell you about the guy who likes hair. There is a guy on there who said he was looking for women who have never shaved her pubic hair. He said he loved pubic hair and prefers it to be bushing out
    the sides of the woman’s panties.Again WTF?

    Oh and then there was the guy with a two inch penis who wanted to be double fisted! Cause really, who
    doesn't want that?

    I do not get what is wrong with some people. I am adventurous and know how to have fun, but some of these people are just so fucking twisted. Not that I am going to stop looking at their ads or anything, because it brings joy to my day."

    There you go, now Pickles can STFU and go away.

  12. Oh right, forgot to mention she makes really horrible MS Paint drawings to go along with her stories. So if you're into that kind of thing, heaven awaits you.

  13. "Safe raped". Is that the same thing as someone getting "raped lite"? I don't get it. I didn't really think there was a such thing as "the safer way to be raped", or "the fun way to be raped".

  14. Wow, what a delightful blog! Thank you Connie for your public service, your sacrifice shall not be in vain!

  15. So, a mean-spirited woman who likes to look at ads on Craigslist that don't apply to her just so she can make fun of other people's sexual preferences because they don't match hers. Hell, her ex-husband probably became gay because of her. Shall we all yawn as a group?


  16. Why not just delete it as spam or, better yet, block it if possible?

  17. I would love to see a word filter of some kind

  18. She draws MS Paint pictures to go with the blog? Sounds like she's trying to emulate Hyperbole and a Half, except HaaH is actually crazy hilarious and the writer really is a good artist that deliberately draws in a silly and child-like way.


  19. I've just been skipping over her comments. I think everyone else could stand to do the same. We had that other random poster who kept pimping her blog, and eventually she went away. She's trolling right now, since it's obvious it makes everyone angry. Just ignore her.

  20. ^^Nikki, you are so right we do need to ignore her b/c she is the kind of person that gets off on any kind of attention. Let's just boycot her all together (me included).


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