An Eventful Life

Email Sent in by Kat:

In the beginning………

I was born!
Then I lived and had school and life and expericnes and prison and fucking.

I'm still alive and the story continues.  Lost friends along the way, the true ones are the ones til the end.

When is the end?
God wows.  Maybe now its time to be serious and u seem like u might be serious enough for me in the serious direction my life is going to take…. u just let me know!



  1. I find the fact that the fucking immediately follows prison hilarious. Yeah, that sounds right.

  2. ^ I think it did...when he farts, it smells like sperm.

  3. "Lost friends along the way, the true ones are the ones til the end."

    In other words, the loser ones who would probably end up in jail, too.

  4. "Hopefully the fucking wasn't done in prison."

    Alas, by the way this was worded (aside from the fact that the words 'prison' and 'fucking' were mentioned quickly one after the other, with zero prompting by anybody) this constitutes an unsolicited revelation. Kind of like when you first meet someone and they say, "Hi, I'm Kathy, and my ex-husband was alcoholic and abusive..." Thanks, Kathy, and thanks, Brad.

  5. everyone else has gone on to analyze the rest of the e-mail, while i'm still stuck at trying to figure out what "expericnes" is? is that a prison slang word or something?

  6. ^ "experiences"?

  7. rene, when I read it out loud, it kind of sounded like "Epicness" so maybe it's some sort of prisonsex slang for something that reeks of far more awesome than the word "experiences" could possibly provide. I'm thinking bank heists; I'm thinking assault with a deadly weapon; I'm thinking hoards of children with no baby daddy... expericnes.

    The bit that worries me is if future girlfriend doesn't manage to send him on the sensible path of seriousness... what will he do to her? Because it will obviously be her fault, right?


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