All the Way to Timbuktu?

Story Sent in by Maurice:

Lia and I had already been out on one date already. She was quiet, but I think that we had a good time together, and in fact, she was the one who called me up for a second date.

"You'll love this," she told me over the phone, "I found a refrigerator box to play in."

We were both in our twenties, but a refrigerator box is a refrigerator box, regardless. So when she invited over to her front yard to play with it, I did.

For about a half-hour, we took turns climbing in, hiding inside, and playing around the box. She pulled me inside with her at one point, and I was tempted to kiss her, although I still thought it was a bit too early. It seemed like we were having fun.

Then, she climbed inside and set it upright, so that I couldn't see her. "You'll never catch me!" she taunted.

"I'm going to send you and this box to Timbuktu," I said, kidding around, and tapped the sides of the box.

"No!" she screamed, then, "No!" as loud as an entire third-grade class. It was a horrifying scream, and it was clear that she wanted me nowhere near her.

I stepped away from the box as she, still screaming, tipped it over, tumbled out of it, ran up her front steps, busted into her house, and slammed and locked the door behind herself.

A bit stunned, I knocked on her door, tried calling her, and waited for a good 20 minutes until deciding that she had just gone crazy, and I left.

Never heard from her again.


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  2. Sounds like a scene out of an Adam Sandler movie.

  3. I'd be pissed too. I mean she was obviously outraged that you would send her to a town that is poor even by Third World standards. Not to mention the alternating droughts and floods.


  4. lol oh hell that is the best!


  5. Whoa... naivety at its finest.

  6. Hey Mrs. Pickle could you PLEASE stop advertising your blog NO ONE CARES just like Mediator already told you.

    We are here to comment on dates not advertise websites, or dating sites you don't see any of those hey check this out I married a millionaire so come see this website blah blah blah shit do you? NOPE! So please stop it! Oh and btw your blog sucks!

  7. Should have said Abu Dhabi. When she would have realized you just wanted her to keep company with the cutest kitty-cat in the whole world, she would have swooned.

  8. ^Kitty Purry doesn't live in Abu Dhabi

  9. Maybe her parents wrapped her in a box and sent her away through the post when she was a kid, and you just unleashed some bad memories on her?

  10. Nermal. Garfield is always trying to send Nermal to Abu Dhabi.

  11. <3 jonaldson

  12. Gone crazy? She was crazy the moment she suggested playing in a fridge, in her twenties.



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