Or You Could Just Say, "I'm Not Good at Sex."

Profile Sent in by Maureen:

I'm really good at

Every guy lists "sex" here.  It was just as funny the first time as it was the fiftieth time, guys.  I am a sensitive, caring, loving, compassionate, huggable man who has needs beyond the physical.  For me the explosions of the mind are greater than the explosions of the body.  I adore a beautiful sunset… a glass of wine with someone you love… petting a llama… singing to flowr's!  Those moments that make you weep…


  1. "...the explosions of the mind are greater than the explosions of the body.."

    ...clearly he's never had his 'taint' punched as soon as he starts ejaculating!

  2. I want a man who weeps when he pets a llama... or sings to flowers. You know, a REAL man.

  3. Petting a llama? Is that euphemism?

  4. It IS a euphemism. Unfortunately, trying to describe the subtle nuances of the meaning to someone who has never been in prison is impossible.

    Just trust me.

  5. This guy cries during sex. Guaranteed.

  6. ^Not just after, but during? Ouch.


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