Phoned In, Zoned Out

Story Submitted by Chris:

Jocelyn and I had arranged to meet in front of a restaurant.  I parked my car on the street, about a block away, and walked to the place.

When I made it there, I saw her.  She was on her phone.  I approached her and waved hello.  She smiled and waved back, then held up a finger to imply that she'd be off the phone shortly.  Two minutes later, she was still on the phone, I gathered, with a friend, as she would laugh occasionally and add a seldom, "Did he really?  Oh my God…" to the conversation.

After a good few minutes, I asked her, softly, "You planning to wrap it up?"

She nodded and said into the phone, "Marissa, I'm going to go.  I have plans."  She then listened to whatever Marissa's response was, and she laughed, then went right back into conversation, as if I wasn't there at all.

I left, as I was tired of waiting.  "Where are you going?" Jocelyn called after me.  I heard her say, "I've got to go," into her phone, and she chased me down.  "Hey," she asked, "What's wrong?"

I said, "You do remember that you had a date with me tonight, right?  Am In interrupting something?"

"No!  No.  I had to take that call.  It was–" her phone rang.  She looked at the caller ID, then told me, "Hang on a sec."

She picked up the phone and said, "Hi, Talia!  What's up?"  I waited to hear if it was an emergency, if Jocelyn really had to take the call.  Then, a moment later, she snorted into the phone, giggled, and said, "No, I have a minute.  What's up?"

I turned and left, this time faster.  Jocelyn didn't say anything to me, but she followed me, still on the phone.  I made it back to my car and climbed in.  She opened the passenger side door and climbed in, herself.

"What are you doing?" I asked, "Get out of my car."

She turned away from the phone and said, "I'll only be another minute!  Stop being so touchy."

I stepped out of my car and she did the same thing.  I walked a little way down the block, and as I predicted, she followed me, still on her phone call. 

At once I ran back to my car, she ran after me, but she was too slow.  I jumped in and locked the doors.  She banged on the passenger side door until I pulled away.

I certainly wasn't going to contact her, and it was about three days before she reached out to me.  A simple text that read: "So wanna try that again?"



  1. I have never before thought that only having manual locks is an advantage rather than an annoyance. Thanks for making me feel good about having a low-tech car!

    1. Manual locks wouldn't have been helpful. Normally power locks only unlock the driver's door, unless you do something else to make all the doors unlock.

      At least with power locks, he could easily lock her out without moving from the driver's seat.

      If you want to feel good about a low-tech car, you can, but don't do so for specious reasons.

  2. Ahh, cell phones. Ruining romance since 1990-something.

  3. ^ Ruining many things....I can't believe how rude many people are with their phones. Like they are SO important that they have to be accessible to everybody 24/7.

    When I'm at a gathering, my phone is off and put away...unless of course, I'm on call at the hospital to perform an emergency lobotomy.

  4. i cannot stand it when people make me wait while they talk on their cell phone.

    but still, running and jumping into your car before she can get there is very immature in my opinion. i'm confident you could have resolved the issue in a more mature way.

    of course, then you might have had to actually have the date, so maybe it was the best move after all.

  5. I will never understand why people think their unacceptable behavior is just peachy. It's like they were never taught any kind of manners.

    I think too many of these folks missed their appointments at the hospital with Howie.

  6. ^ Excuse me, thepastryfascist....I so MAKE all of my appointments! Rude!

  7. bwhahaha @ "crotch fruit"

  8. @Agnes

    Luckily for me, my car only opens the driver door unless I hit the button twice.

  9. I get the idea that many of these clueless people are doing it to try to appear popular.

    Especially on a first date, "look at me I have so many friends! I'm popular! People love me!"


  10. It's been over two year and you still haven't returned my text. Does this mean you don't want to go out again? Call me.


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