I'm Sure That's Their Biggest Complaint

Email Submitted by Suzanne:

Hello young lady.

Perhaps you might be familiar with silks?  They are noble fabrics.  So sensual and yet so soft.  Every man's dream!  Fulfill it today with some of my silk scraps.

First of all let me introduce myself my name is Bobby and I have collected silks for years.  Scraps mostly but sometimes entire shimmering sheets!  You are to be congratulated for receiving a message from one such as myself!

I guarantee you that if you add just one silk item to your wardrobe you will feel sexier and get more notices from guys.

Weekly fun silks tip: Post profile photos of yourself in silks!  Guys will coo-coo!

Women love silks!  You are a woman.  Therefore, you must love silks!  I date plenty of women, but their biggest complaint is always the same: "I wish I had more silken clothes!"  Complain no longer!  Feel sexy and wanted all the time with silks!

Silk Sales
Bobby's Silk Sales, Inc.


  1. His logic is infallible.

  2. This reminds me of the "Porcelain Fountain" skit from SNL. "Ya gotta get yaself a PORcelain FOUNtain. People will say 'What are you? A fricken millionaire or something?'"

  3. I'd like to know if he's selling authentic, 100% silk. A real silk tie costs about $200; I can't imagine how much a dress or something would cost.

  4. Well, there's the return of the "you're so lucky to receive a message from me" type.

    Also, Bobby's Silk Sales Inc.? Gimme a break. That's obviously made up after the whole "I've collected silk scraps for years" line.


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