You Know What? Never Mind About Answers One and Three.

Email Submitted by Robert:

Hi Rob.  I'll answer each of your three questions in turn:


2. Ah yes.  My religion.  I usually wait a bit to spring this on people as they don't typically understand, believe, or are comfortable with it.  It's a long story but 100% true:

I was in the shower when I was 13 and enjoying myself immensely when all of a sudden the shower head sputtered and the water suddenly stopped.  I fiddled with it, and even turned the water on and off.

Next thing I knew, bugs poured out of the shower head.  I screamed but I was rooted to the spot.  They surrounded me but did not crawl on me and I heard a voice telling me to not be afraid.

I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but I found a cardboard box, cleaned it, put a sheet over it, and put it in the bathtub as an altar.  By the time I did that the bugs were gone.  I guess you could say that I worship the bug god, and even today bugs have strange reactions when I approach them and I'm not scared of them at all.




  1. That title pretty much covers it.

  2. This email ... bugged me.

    Yeah, I said it.

  3. A. Not a long story.
    B. Enjoying yourself immensely?
    C. Now you're sexually attracted to bugs. Awesome.


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