Bombs Away

Story Submitted by Yuko:

I met John online. We exchanged several messages. He intrigued me with his amateur photography work of urban nightscapes, and when he found out that I was Japanese, he said, "That's pretty neat."

Our first date over coffee went great - no sparks exactly, but he was pleasant enough, and made me laugh. When he invited me over to his apartment the next week for dinner and a movie, I accepted.

While I helped him set the table in front of the television, he pulled out a DVD and said, "It's called Atomic Cafe. You'll really like it." I had no idea what it was about, but I trusted his judgment.

The movie was a documentary about nuclear warfare. A fiery, giant mushroom cloud flashed over the screen, followed by footage of American troops whooping and cheering. Nagasaki had been bombed. The film showed various forms of anti-Japanese propaganda, some of which were downright racist but had pervaded the media at the time.

As I sat there awkwardly over my dinner, I said, "Um, I don't really feel like watching this."

"Really?" he replied, "Just wait. It gets better." He reached his arm behind me and pulled me closer just during a part about radiation's effects on the human body. How romantic! I gently shook him off.

Out of politeness, I sat through the rest of the film. It was our last date, sealed with his final question after it was all over: "Wasn't that awesome? Those crazy Japanese."

Ugh. No.


  1. Op, you have some impressive self control in the face of major douchebaggery.

    Jared, at least on my phone, the HTML code is still showing, rather than actually creating italics.

  2. My phone too.

  3. And my axe!

    (am I doing this right?)

  4. Four companions... so be it. You shall be the fellowship of the bling.

  5. He invited the OP to a TV dinner date??

  6. Even setting aside the obvious ethnic insensitivity of it, who the hell shows a documentary (and a war documentary at that) on a second date? That's like expecting a date to get cuddly after Shoah or Mondo Cane. At the very least she should have asked first.

  7. This prompts the question: on a first date, which would you be more comfortable watching...

    A racially-insensitive war documentary


    The Human Centipede

    1. Neither?

      But that would be a great OKCupid question. :D

  8. Honestly, I was expecting him to bust out some hentai/bukkake porn. Now I'm disappointed.

  9. hah! my boyfriend's and my first dinner-at-the-apartment date (our 4th overall) featured the human centipede! neither of us could find anyone else to watch it with us. needless to say we're still together 7 months later. :)


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