Wrath Room

Story Submitted by Darlene:

Julian wrote me on a dating website and he invited me out to a nice restaurant for dinner and drinks. We had just ordered some chicken wing appetizers to split when I excused myself to use the restroom.

While I was doing my business in a stall, the bathroom door opened. I didn't think much of it until I looked up to see Julian peering at me over the top of the door!

I screamed. He made no movement but squinted his eyes and said, "Just making sure. Sorry."

"What the hell? Get out!" I yelled. He didn't move away until I screamed again.

He slipped away and repeated, in an eerie whisper, "Just making sure," before apparently leaving the bathroom. My heart pounded in my throat and I was shaking. I finished up, washed my hands, and sneaked out of the restaurant without a backward glance.

Once I was safely away, I texted him, "Sorry. Not going to work out. Bye."

He called me and left a voicemail. I then received a series of texts from him that together said, "I had to make sure that you were really a woman. I've seriously been duped before. I said I was sorry. You want to be a baby about it and run away, then do it. Stupid baby."

I texted back, "It's not my fault that you slept with a man by accident."

Julian texted back, "I DID NOT SLEEP WITH A MAN," but I was done with him. I felt awful and violated, but thankfully, he showed me what he was very early on.


  1. Urgh this story actually made me shudder- poor you! I would have reported him for voyeurism!

  2. I'm surprised that no one in the restaurant came rushing in when they heard screams coming out of the bathroom. Or reported anything strange when they saw a man enter.

  3. ^ That's because people just don't care. Look at all these cases where people just watch someone getting murdered or gang raped and no one does anything because "they don't want to get involved"

    1. Yes. My college friend was beaten to death in a public restroom. No one helped. I think there's a sociological definition or something. Anyway, it was sad.

  4. "Julian texted back, 'IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT! I mean.. I DID NOT SLEEP WITH A MAN!'"

  5. "I've seriously been duped before." Really?!

  6. I thought he was checking to see if she was really in the bathroom or if she was just taking off.

    And his tactic doesn't even make sense. Do you think a man in drag uses the mens washroom all the time? And what are you going to see by peering over the stall? Nothing!

    Guys can sit to pee too, ya know.

  7. ohhhhhhholyshitcreepy x 67043

  8. April: It can happen. A detective came to my class as a guest lecturer; he told us a story about how some guy was about to have sex with another guy, thinking it was a woman. Once he saw that it was a guy, he beat him to death.

  9. ^It's tough out there for transsexuals, although true story, you should always be forthcoming about your situation. Did the murderer get charged with a hate crime too?

  10. If the story Baku-chan is talking about is this one: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_10049216

    ... then yes, the guy was tried and convicted of a hate crime. I remember this because I lived in Colorado at the time and it was a particularly brutal crime; the guy beat her to death with a fire extinguisher.

  11. If Julian regularly dates women so masculine that he actually feels the need to check whether they're really men, then perhaps he should raise his standards. And if the OP regularly goes on dates with depraved psychotic bathroom lurkers, perhaps she should also raise hers.

  12. @luna: Holy shit, if I get into grad school, I'll be moving to Greeley. Good to know that it won't be TOO much different than Baltimore. :-/

  13. Luna: I don't think that was the one. The detective said that the guy was beaten with various pieces of furniture, not a fire extinguisher.

    Also, the guy ran off to another country to hide, but told his sister what he did; she called the cops and he was caught.

    I don't recall him saying that the guy was a tranny, but he might have been.

  14. Ha. Homeboy totally slept with a dude.

  15. Good job getting out of there, but it might've been a good idea to go to the head of the restaurant. The guy might've been banned for life.


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