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Email Submitted by Paula:

Im kinds drunk bt that doesnt mean  that i cant wish you a HAppy birthday!

OO))) PAULA you are best. we grew up tigether and now I might be drunk but you are sooo pretty and i love your hair and the t,usic you make oh man

any Guy who you ewnd up with is a lucky fuckin guy and i mean whtta wtih all my heatr and soul pleaneese blieve me pride and joy paula

when I waas little did you know i hopoed we could be married?  I was so bummemd when I dounfd out that we couldn't remembert? i don't know if you do but I was angry ant uou about it and wouldnt talk to you for almost a year you neveer knew why Iw as puset but thats why.

Wanted to kiss you when I was wyounger tooo. my hot paula your so much hotter now and when  youe around i feel so good.  Soryrr to be spilling all this to you right now but its your birthday and I'm so sorry that i'm not there to share wit eyou paulapaulapaula my favrotie one of all..


(Paula says: "I never acknowledged receiving this message and he never mentioned it to me afterward.  He either forgot or he's ashamed to have sent it in the first place. 

"Made family reunions a bit awkward after that, but what can I say?  That's my crazy cousin.")


  1. Wow, this is the BEST.

  2. I say print it out, blow it up, and hang it up at the next family reunion.


    Holy shit, was NOT NOT NOT expecting that cousin part! <3

  4. ROFL Baku, that would make a great video.

  5. Saw the family thing coming.


  6. Wow, that was great. I didn't see the family connection coming, but it added a whole other layer of hilarity. I don't think I'd be able to keep that to myself. It's too golden, I'd have to tell Anthony or someone I knew about it.

  7. Science has recently proven that marrying your first cousin does NOT lead to significant birth defects.

    Rejoice, Paula.

    You're in the clear.

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