Kids Grow Up So Fast These Days

Story Submitted by Henry:

I messaged Melissa online, and she wrote back a friendly reply. After a little while, I asked her if she wanted to go out on a forthcoming weekend.

"Weekends are no good for me," she said, "Maybe a weeknight?"

I asked, "You're booked every weekend? Do you work weekends?"

She said, "Yeah," and left it at that. She was a part-time nanny and full-time elementary school teacher, so I had no doubt that if she said she was busy, she was busy. We made plans to meet up on a Thursday evening.

Our first date went well, and it seemed to me as though she had a good time. We did dinner and took in a raunchy puppet show at a local theater (it was her idea, and I thought it was great).

I called her up to ask her out again, and she said that she would be very busy over the following few weeks: "I usually spend my weekday evenings prepping for the weekends, and this is my busy season."

I asked again, "What exactly do you do on the weekends?"

"I work."

"Doing what?"


"You have to spend your weekday evenings prepping for a weekend of nannying?" I had other friends who were nannies, and I had never heard of this before.

She replied, "Yes."

I thought that perhaps this was her way of blowing me off, and I asked, "Do you have time for me in your life right now?"

She groaned and said, "Yes!  Can't you just be patient?"

I supposed I could, but that wouldn't/didn't stop me from dating other people.  She and I were in touch sporadically over the following few weeks and I guessed that we wouldn't be hearing much from each other again.

That was until I was the mistaken recipient of a group text from her phone: "THIS SATURDAY: KINKFEST CONTINUES AT 38 BRIARTON PKWY, HUNTINGTON - THEME IS MAID SERVICE."

Ah.  Kinkfest.  With a smile, I texted her back, "Must be a hell of a nannying job."

In reply, she texted, "wtf."

I never heard from her again.


  1. I would have gone, Kinkfest sounds awesome

  2. I would have gone just to see what she was going to be so busy doing.

  3. This is awesome. For some reason it makes me think of the movie Eyes Wide Shut. :)

  4. Hopefully the children will be out of the house...

  5. Hmm, methinks she wanted to keep her vanilla dating life separate from her kink/scene life. Sorry, OP.

  6. I'm surprised that he texted her back instead of just showing up. That's what I would have done.

  7. Raunchy puppets...kinkfest...yeah, this was a total surprise...

  8. Well, involvement in the scene is generally not something you spring on someone until you've not met though the scene, not so early in the relationship anyway. I agree with Julie, she probably thought the guy was vanilla and didn't want to freak him out.

  9. Screw "kinkfest".

    I'd have done exactly what he did.

  10. @Molly

    He received an invitation, didn't he? And it would have been much more fun to catch her in the act then let her know you're on to her.

    Besides, she was only lying to cover for her other, less socially acceptable job, that's not such a big deal. If he had been ok with it, he could have showed her by showing up.


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