Dude, Where's My Empathy?

Email Submitted by Jon:

Hey Jon. Thanks for the note.  I'm Cathy. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

To be honest I've been meaning to delete my profile. I've received nothing but emails from jackoffs and whiny losers since I got on here. No offense. Yours is actually only the second message I've responded to.

The first guy was a total dweeb and we didn't go out for too long. His dog got hit by a car (she turned out to be just fine) but he was so whiny and annoying about it. After a while it was just like shut up! It's only a damn dog! Kids are starving in Africa! Hello priorities?

We broke up because I asked him for money (I wanted to buy him a present) and he asked me what it was for. I told him that if he didn't trust me then we shouldn't be dating. I wouldn't tell him what it was for, and he broke up with me, forfeiting his present!

He was an ass. Anyway, tell me more about you.



  1. Any relationship between Cathy's terrible life attitude and the supposed "whiny losers" and "dweebs" she attracts is purely coincidental.

  2. ^THANK YOU!! My fiance's coworker is a Buddhist, and he was trying to tell me that he forced himself out of depression by always keeping things in perspective. Oh, my grandmother died? AT LEAST I HAD A GRANDMA. My dad's emotionally abusive? AT LEAST I HAD A DAD. I'm not joking. He seriously said things like that. I had to bite my tongue and keep my mouth full of sushi or else I was going to lose it on him.

    All pain is significant and relevant. Yes, even emo kids' pain because in their world, the sorrow they feel is THEIR sorrow and shouldn't be compared to anyone else's. What are you going to tell the kids who get bullied all the time? "Oh, well, at least you're not dead and you can afford to go to a school, even if it has bullies in it?" Fuckin get real.

  3. ^ Yep, just because you "put things in perspective" doesn't in any way mean you've got the right one.

  4. ::blink blink::

    So anyway....

    I love that OP thinks her ex is missing out on a present she wanted him to pay for.

    Now you'll never have that really awesome and totally legit thing I was going to buy you with your own money! Damn...now where am I going to get my bus money?

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  6. Let's see...

    Some random chick I met on an internet dating site (never tried it personally) asks me for money, but won't say what it's for?

    Get lost.

    What kind of stupid bitch thinks it's a "present" or a "gift" if it's your money?

    Oh wait, that's called a "wife". Heh.

    I'm actually 95% happy to be married, even if I'm only 75% happily married. This site has helped to put things back into perspective. (11 years now with a 4yo daughter and we at least usually treat each other well even if sex is rare) ((sorry TMI))

    1. I still don't understand why this happens in marriages. But then again I'm not married.

  7. @TheGnome: Yes! And often makes me feel worse for being selfish enough to feel bad about my own petty, insignificant problems.

    @Brad: I like your use of percentages... This site reminds me that I don't use men as meal tickets, and I have small baggages! I also have not-great dates but single is good if the rest of my life is like some of the stories on here...


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