Window into Madness

Story Submitted by Colleen:

The night of my date with Bruce, I received a phone call from him while I was on the ground floor of my house, just finishing up with getting ready:

"Hey Colleen.  Bad news.  Can't make it tonight."

I was disappointed and a bit miffed that he canceled so close to our meeting time.  I asked, "What's wrong?"

He said, "I just can't make it.  Sorry."

When he said that, I realized something.  His words came over the phone, but it also sounded like he was standing right outside my living room window (the next room over), saying it.

I took a circuitous route to the window, creeped closer to it, and asked, "Can you give me a reason why?"

He replied, "Uh, I just had something come up.  My cousin.  My cousin is in need... of... uh, me.  My cousin's in need."

No doubt about it.  He was talking to me over the phone from right outside my window.  The really creepy part is that I never told him where I lived.

I jumped in front of the window and looked outside.  He stood not three feet away, on his phone.  He was in a dress suit.  His eyes widened.  I screamed.  He yelled, "Shit!" and ran off, down the street.

I kept the lights on and made sure that all the doors were locked that night, and the next night.  I can't say what might have possessed him to do something so boneheaded, but at least he showed me his true colors before I wasted my time on a date with him.


  1. Well, sad to say is that the first thing that came to my mind was that he was going to surprise you by picking you up for the date, saw you through a window, didn't like what he saw, then tried to cancel.

  2. I don't really think that's it, Mediator. I mean, why would he STAY at the window if he wanted to cancel based on her looks? He would have just walked away and called her as he was walking down the street.

    Personally, I think he just wanted to spend the night jerking it to her Peeping Tom style rather than get to know her and take the risk of trying to get the real thing himself.

  3. She must have really good hearing. If I'm inside, I can't hear what someone outside is saying...

  4. Window slightly open, perhaps?

  5. I think theMediator is right. If he was in a suit, he was clearly ready for the date, and something scared him off at the last minute. It was probably her looks, but could have been something else about the house he didn't like, I guess. She'll never know for sure.

  6. He probably was testing her reaction to his news so then he could either call her out on it or surprise her through the window. Bad idea, regardless of his intention. Good for the OP though... I would have been scared shitless by a man in a dress suit lurking outside my window.

  7. I agree with Mediator - he saw her and called it off.

  8. I disagree about seeing her and calling it off... she never gave him her address. He had no intention of picking her up.

  9. It's not like information is hard to come by these days. If you have someones full name and hometown you can easily find their home address and phone number. I've done it a bunch of times when I couldn't remember a family member's phone number.

    And if someone calls and you have caller id you can run a reverse lookup and find the registered name and address to that account. Unless it is a cell.

    1. Damn. You're right. I just found my own address. That's crazy. My name is uncommon, so I didn't even need to put in my city. Just my name and the word "address."

  10. Still though, if he saw her and lost interest...why stand on her porch/stoop/whatever and make the call?

  11. But why would he surprise her at her house when she was not expecting him, when they had never met before, when she had not given him her address? He is a freak who had no intention of picking her up. What he had intended on doing, I have no idea.

  12. I think the point is not how easy it is to find someone's address, but the fact that he went looking for it rather than asking her.


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