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Email Submitted by Wayne:


I'm looking for a guy to go bee farming with me one weekend.  Most guys stop reading there but the assholes don't get to the part about how they're covered in protective gear from head to toe.  There's actually a greater chance that you'll be stung by a bee while normally out and about than among thousands of them in the protective gear.

It amazes me that women are called the "weaker sex" when guys are all such babies.  Woman have been the initiators of everything throughout history - usually by withholding sex.  The lightbulb, television, and wheel - all invented by women or by men under the guidance of women.  And we're supposed to worship YOUR penises? 

Let me know if you want to go bee farming with me.  It'll be fun, there's free honey involved, and you'll prove your masculinity to a very doubting woman.  GROW A PAIR AS BIG AS MINE - AND I DON'T HAVE ANY.



  1. Freud would have a field day with this chick.

  2. Gotta love her examples... the wheel? I would have laughed in her face. And as for the light bulb, history isn't exactly my forté, but I'm pretty sure all the guys involved were womanless loners.

  3. These Fem-Nazi types are predictable. Make elaborate claims that they can't back up. Next thing she'll say women are responsible for baseball or some crap.

    As for the womanless losers, Joseph Swan (who invented the original incandescent light bulb in 1850) doesn't seem to have any marriages on record. Edison (who improved on Swan's design, making a longer-lasting bulb) was married twice and had six children. Still, he was nuts.

    As for TV - Philo Farnsworth was rather lonely. He raised his sisters.

  4. One also has to assume that her favoured method of getting things is withholding sex.

  5. Bee farming on a date sounds out of the ordinary and interesting. This woman, however, sounds totally nuts.


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