But Are They Really?

Email Submitted by Ann:

Terry is my name.  I'm in your life for a reason and you've known this of old.  Do you believe in fate?  I am its mighty harbinger.

You mention your favorite flowers, vacation destination, and birds.  Did you know that these are also my favorites?  They are exactly the same, but I don't have a favorite flower, my favorite destination place is San Francisco, and I can't pick out a favorite bird just yet.

You sing opera too?  I love opera.  Clearly we should be talking, at least, meeting, at least, and doing the things that lovely copulating couples do on the waaaaaay..... reflecting as the moonlight breeze blows through your haair.

Never again!  Your sufferings are at an end!



  1. "Clearly we should be talking, at least, meeting, at least, and doing the things that lovely copulating couples do on the waaaaaay..."

    Wait - what? Who's getting laid now?

  2. Strike 1) Referred to yourself as a "mighty harbinger".
    Strike 2) Mentioned that you share ALL the same favourite things, then go on to explain that only your favourite city matches.
    Strike 3) Suggested sex in your first contact message.
    Strike 4) Tried to sound poetic and deep, but just came off like an idiot that read one Shakespearean play.

  3. We have so much in common! Except that I don't like anything that you like except that one thing. But otherwise, this is clearly destiny.

  4. He got one thing right: Never again!

  5. On the waaaaay to what? To the meeting?

  6. I actually took away that not even the city was the same. it never said which city she listed, just that SF was the one he liked.


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