Swim Away!

Story Submitted by Victoria:

Arnold and I had been dating for a couple of weeks when he invited me to a pool party at his friend's house.  It was supposed to be a small crowd, about a dozen people or so, but when we arrived, we found that there were closer to 70 to 80 people there.

Arnold and I mingled around and found some friends that we both knew.  He seemed particularly interested in speaking to one girl who wore a microscopic bikini.  Soon I left his side for the snack table, and then went for a swim.

Not long after, the sun went down and Arnold's friend Eddie, the owner of the house, brought out the alcohol.  I wasn't planning to drink very much, but the line for the bar wrapped around the pool.

Not long after that, Eddie shouted for everyone's attention.  He said, "Swimsuit competition!  Let's have some volunteers!"

A few girls waved their arms ferociously, in an effort to volunteer.  Arnold, who I hadn't seen in a little while, found me and said, "You've got to enter."

He stank of alcohol and I said, "I don't think so."

He yelled, "Vicky's in!"  He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards a group of women who were gathering at the diving board.

I pulled away and said, "I said I'm not doing this."

"Why not?" Arnold asked, "You've got a great body.  Let's go."

The other girls strutted their stuff on the diving board to drunken cheers and whoops.  I wanted nothing to do with it, and so I broke into the crowd.  Arnold came after me, caught up, and grabbed me, close to the house.

"You're embarrassing me," he hissed, "Every other woman here is doing it.  What makes you so special?"

"The fact that I'm not doing it," I said.

"But it's so hot!" he replied, "It'll turn both of us on."

I opened my mouth to reply, but he grabbed my bikini top, pulled it towards him, and made to kiss me.  I hit him away, he let go, and I ran into the house.

He roared after me, but I found the basement, ran into it, and remained there until I felt it safe enough to emerge, gather my things, and leave.  I had been his ride there, but as far as I was concerned, he had forfeited a ride back, at least in my car.  I'm sure that he was able to find someone, more similar to himself, who took pity.


  1. When you had him on the ropes on the first punch you should have kept punching him. Or screamed at him. Or anything other than hide in the basement. hiding from your problems doesn't make them go away, violence on the other hand, solves everything.

  2. Well hopefully he didn't find anyone, got even more drunk, chucked up in the pool, woke with a massive headache and a bill for pool cleaning.

  3. Meh. Best part of this story was the title.

  4. this wasnt funny at all.

  5. But it WAS a bad date.


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