Taste the Adventure

Email Submitted by Mia:

I'm writing this from a balcony overlooking a harbor in the riviera. My lifestyle allows me to take such trips and be surrounded by classy, sexy women. I had a sumptuous dinner last night but one thing was missing: you!

A life with me will be filled with triumph and adventure. You and I and our kids will travel across the globe and experience everything life has to offer! The finest meals, entertainments, and joys that money can buy!

Imagine yourself hiking the Pyrenees, sharing a glass of wine in Rio, or backpacking Switzerland!  All is possible through me.

You might wonder what I do for a living, but that's not important right now. What is important is your loyalty, your honesty, and your thirst for great adventure! It is a delicious fluid, and I invite you to drink it right out of me!


(Mia says: "He wrote on his profile that he was an investment banker, but he came off, to me, sounding more like a career criminal.")

What's the difference?


  1. It did give off something of an Ocean's Eleven vibe now didn't it?

  2. "What's the difference?", indeed...

  3. I got Investment Banker/Motivational Speaker/Safe Cracker/Man with a closet full of revealing superhero costumes. I believe he would over-promise and under-deliver.

    Any time I've been asked to drink a delicious fluid out of someone, I have politely declined...

  4. I wonder if he has a yacht in a marina too?


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