Bleed to Love Her

Story Submitted by John:

Stacy and I had a nice lunch on our first date, then took a walk around a nearby college's campus.  It was a pleasant, warm day, and as we strolled, we made it to the top of a hill that sloped down to the athletic fields.

All at once, she hit me, said, "Tag, you're it!" and ran down the hill.

I laughed and ran after her, but our fun turned sour as she tripped, stumbled head-over-heels, and tumbled awkwardly down the slope until she came to rest, filthy and bedraggled, at the bottom of the hill, near the track.

She struggled to stand, but fell over.  I reached her and walked her to a bathroom in a nearby building, where I helped her clean up.  Amazingly, she said that nothing was hurt, and that she thought she would be okay.  I left the bathroom as she wanted to use a toilet.

While waiting outside, I heard a colossal bang, and shouted into the bathroom, "You okay?"

She called back, "My head!  Ow, my head!"

I stepped into the bathroom and found her sitting on the floor, right by a stall.  She said, "I hit my head against the door."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She said, "Yeah.  I think it's dangerous to be me, today."

We walked out of the school, and she seemed to be none the worse.  Then, as we walked across a grassy yard, she slipped and fell backward, onto her rear.  I knelt to help her up, but she shoved me away.

"Don't you get it?" she asked, "I'm trying to end the date!  Get lost!"

I didn't register what she had said as logical, so I asked her, "Are you okay?"

She said, "Yes!  If you keep sticking around, then I'll keep hurting myself!  So go!"

It was one of the strangest things I had ever heard, but if that's what she wanted, I was glad to oblige.  I left her there, on the grass.


  1. Pretty dangerous way to get out of a date, though I don't get how she expected the OP to know she wanted out.

  2. I get a sick enjoyment out of watching people fall...I would have stayed on this date as long as I possibly could...perhaps until the point where she crippled herself....

  3. What was that super annoying character on South Park? Jackovasaurus? She kinda reminds me of that.

  4. Honestly I think she was just clumsy, then, when she finally fell for the last time, she was so embarassed she just screamed out an excuse.

  5. I tend to agree with Mediator. This seems like her pride was the only thing hurt, and she just wanted to justify her clumsy ass by yelling at someone else.

  6. Can you give my number to this guy? I'm crushing a little bit...

  7. ^ Because he showed concern for another human being? He didn't exactly impress.

  8. ^ The fact that he showed concern is impressive in itself simply because so many people don't care nowadays.

  9. for the life of me, I can't figure out what's wrong with just saying "Thanks for the date but this really isn't working out for me"...


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