You and Me Makes Three

Email Submitted by Nathaniel:

Since first seeing your profile I've wanted to write you but I haven't. I think that we might make a good match. Tell me about yourself!

Mmhmm. Yes. I see. Well, thanks for telling me about yourself! Now I'm even more sure that we'd make a good match.

Oh? What's that? You think I'm beautiful? Well thank you very much! You really shouldn't have!

See, I think that...oh? Really? Oh you are too sweet! I'd love to go out for dinner at a nice place. That might be rushing things though and we mustn't be too forward. I don't mind talking about it though!

I think that's a good idea you had. Let's keep talking and then do dinner! We can't wait!



  1. Maybe she's already pregnant with his child?

  2. IDK, doesn't seem so bad to me. Probably would have been worth the dinner.

  3. "Oh? What's that? You think I'm beautiful? Well thank you very much! You really shouldn't have!"

    This line right here would be a warning that she is full of herself or else she likes to fish for compliments.

  4. Who asked a Penny for her thoughts?

  5. See if she can fast forward the relationship a little further to find out whether it works out in the end or not. Could save you both a lot of time, effort and emotional commitment.

  6. Well. I'd reply something to the tune of:

    "Oh what's that, you want to sleep with me tonight? Are you sure, on a first date? I think that's a swell idea, though is that not too much for a first date? What, you're fine with it? Then count me in! I'm only to happy to oblige you."

  7. @Kam: Yes! I was really hoping it would go there!

    I thought of the Rowan Atkinson Elementary Courting skit when I read this.


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