Spite Night

Story Submitted by Paula:

Craig and I had arranged a first date on what turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year.  We had planned to meet at a restaurant, and when I arrived there, he was already inside.

What struck me the most about him was his outfit – he was clad in a t-shirt and jean shorts.  This being a day that didn't make it above 20º fahrenheit, I asked him, "Did you come from a gym or something?"

He said, "Nah.  It's all I had in my closet.  It might warm up."

"In a few weeks."

He said, "Maybe."

Dinner went well enough.  He was pretty into himself and not as bright as he had come off online, so I saw it being a one-date-only kind of scenario.

Once dinner itself was over, I put on my hat, gloves, jacket, and scarf, and Craig put on... well, nothing.

"Are you going to be okay?" I asked him, "Want to borrow my scarf or jacket until you make it to your car?  I don't mind walking with you."

He said, "Nah, I'll be fine."

We walked outside, and a blast of wind hit us almost immediately.  "Holy fuck," he said, "Give me your jacket and scarf."

I handed them to him and asked, "Where did you park?"

"Didn't.  I walked."

"Where do you live?"

He said, "Two miles," and pointed, "That way."

I said, "Let me drive you home."

"Can I have your hat?  It's really fucking freezing out here.  Wasn't this cold before.  I don't know what happened."

I said, "I kind of want to keep my hat.  Let me drive you home."

He said, "You said I could use it, and it's fucking freezing."

I replied, "My car's a block away, and you already have my scarf and jacket."

"Give me your hat."


"Fine!"  He threw off my scarf and jacket onto the ground, kicked at them, and jogged off, in the direction of his house.

I picked up my stuff, shook them out, put them back on, went into my nice, warm car, and drove home.


  1. What was the point of giving him your jacket and scarf? Now you're cold.

    I would have let the dumbass freeze.

  2. Nobody should let a first date drive them home. Or see their home, or know their address. It's common sense, and it looks like Craig had that... sporadically.

  3. I agree with the concept of not letting a 1st date know where you live, but he could have let her drive him closer to his home and only had to walk a few blocks rather than a few miles.


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