Please and Spank You

Email Submitted by Jennifer:

my childhood nickname was spanky.  don't know how i got it lol.  doesn't mean i like getting spanked, but tried it once with a girlfriend and it worked out great! 

i like long walks and inners and whatever you want.  when it comes to sex i like just about anything you prob like.  i sometimes like being called spanky and sometimes don't.  depends on the mood lol.  you can try it and see what happens when we are together. 

ive travelled all over.  you should come with me sometime so you can tell your girls that you travled with the spankster lol.  'i traveled with the spankster' you say and they say 'we wanna travel with the spankster too.'  then we all travel with the spankster (me only) and get IT ON!!!'

big ass hugs,


  1. Whenever someone uses "ass" to describe something, I like to hypenate the "ass" to the subject. Big ass-hugs and big ass hugs mean two very different things.

  2. @Mediator, Yup.

    As for Spanky, my theory is that Darla gave him the nickname after she caught him with Alfalfa in the clubhouse.

  3. I think his full name is Spanky McSpankerson!

  4. That is not what they'll be saying.

  5. When I went to BC, there was a late-night sub shop open nearby named Spanky's and their menu had a box on the side that said "Always ask for Spanky's special sauce!"

    People named Spanky are generally up to no good.

  6. There was a guy I went to school with who was called Toby and we knew him as Spanky. I wonder if this is him? At thirteen years old he was easily six and half feet tall and had HUGE hands (hence the name Spanky). Though, if this is him, its sad he can no longer spell.


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