Mine Is: "Cheetah-Speed Out of Your Life"

Email Submitted by Tia:

You are the most beautiful woman on this site. I've seen a bunch and dated a few but I always come back to your profile and your smiling face.

I imagine us walking trails, having moonlit dinners, and singing. We'll have to think of lots of things to do together and not grow tired of each other, given the upcoming financial collapse. It's definitely coming and all we can do is prepare and all that we'll have is each other.

But you're beautiful, and smart. You have been worrying about it, what to do, how to prepare. But I am smart too. If you give me a chance I'll tell you my 7 step process to survive the upcoming calamity that awaits us. 

Imagine paying $3000 for bread? It will happen. I know what to do. Nothing else will save you and you will die in hunger (or else eat human flesh if no one eats you first!) but come with me and we'll live together.

My nickname is "Mangoat Of The Mountain" because I know how to survive. Trust me it is well earned.

Here's hoping you choose life,


  1. ...well, points for originality.

  2. At least he can spell

  3. "Mangoat of the Mountain"? You mean like that dude who trained Hercules in the animated Disney version of the movie? What was his name Philoctetes or something? Yuck!!

  4. ^I need to rewatch that movie. I remember enjoying it when it came out. I think I was in early high school?

  5. I trust Gerry, he seems to know what he's talking about, like the date who made his own currency of crayon bills backed by gold & silver.

    "Here's hoping you choose life" + a 7-Step Process to survive, seriously anyone would have to be insane not to respond.

  6. From the channel that brought you Dinocroc vs. Supergator, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, and Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys comes the most epic battle yet...


    This weekend on SyFi

  7. "Mangoat of the Mountain" heh heh.

  8. I reckon she would have to watch out he didn't eat her first - rule one should be 'Eat the other first before they eat you.'


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