One Giant Leap for Women's Lib

Email Submitted by Paul:

Anyone ever tell you you look like Brad Pitt? I didn't think so. HA!

That was mean. I'm sorry. I'm in a bad mood. Boys keep writing me on here and it's just so easy to get disillusioned with the whole thing. One actually wrote "women tell me I look like Brad Pitt." I would have written back to him but he seems like an angry guy, so I picked someone who seemed weaker to write to: you. Guess you don't get too many messages, huh? I envy you so much.

I'm being really mean tonight. Again I apologize. Then again you were probably a dick to some woman in your past so for her sake I rescind my apologies. I take them back and you can just sit there alone and reading this message while I'm out somewhere having the time of my life. Payback! Women one! You zero!!!



  1. I think I just learned how serial killers are made.

  2. I guess Kendra's still adapting to life after the Playboy Mansion.

  3. NIKKI!!! OMG!!! Did you hear her ignorant comments the other night on DWTS?

  4. Haha. No, I don't watch that show. My mom does though. What's the dish?

  5. It amazes me how people can be so cowardly and not see that about themselves.

  6. Maybe my crazy friends aren't so crazy after all. Thanks for putting things in perspective ABCotD.


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