Lowbrow at Best

Email Submitted by Beth:

I hope it's okay.... I downloaded your pictures, photoshopped some funny, bushy unibrows on your face, and sent the pics to a dozen friends of mine. I don't want you feeling bad... it's not your face we're laughing at, just your face with a unibrow. I can send you the pictures since they're your pictures but only if you want.  Sorry....



  1. :-o (I wish emoticons could adequately convey what I look like with my mouth in the "jaw-drop" position. This is outlandish.

  2. *Please add a close parentheses after "position." Thank you.

  3. I use D: for that purpose.

    And if the moron feels so bad about it, maybe he should have asked BEFORE he used her pictures for a laugh.

  4. How about }:-(


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