My Bonbons Breathe

Email Submitted by Lori:

You and I could go to a museum if only you'd lay off the bonbons. We could go for a jog oh wait can't your too busy eating bonbons. Hey let's go to the store and buy things other than bonbons crap you can't make it because your too busy buying bonbons to do something other than buying bonbons.

If you eat too many bonbons then youl'll become a bonbon and then you may die (bonbons dont breathe!)! You should take better care of yourself, and honey lay off the bonbons!


(Lori says: "I'm 125 pounds. Someone needs to lay off of something else, only it isn't me and it isn't bonbons.")


  1. oh, i love this.

    i'm 110 pounds, but i've gotten messages on dating sites telling me i'm fat before. once there was a picture of me on the beach (in a sundress, NOT a swimsuit) and i got a message saying "man the harpoons! kill the beached whale!"

  2. And these guys wonder why they're still single.

  3. The mindset that this requires just boggles my mind. They're expending time and energy to say to someone "I don't want you" when they could accomplish the same thing by doing nothing? What's the point? Are they 12?

    To say nothing of the body dysmorphia required to see someone at a normal, healthy weight as "too fat" or "too thin" (which is sadly becoming more common now, likely in reaction to the obesity epidemic).

  4. I wonder if it's the influence of that one pick-up artist who tells guys that they should insult women in a stupidly outrageous manner, just to provoke them into responding and get their (the guy's) foot in the door.

  5. I've read about some @$$hats on this site but THIS charming gentleman (not hardly!)deserves to be crowned Emperor of the @$$hats!

  6. Hooray for these douchebags. They make the rest of us normal, non-douchey males look like Prince Charming by comparison.

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  8. Wait - She put down the bonbons long enough to forward this along?


  9. I"m fat. And I don't think I've ever eaten a bon bon in my life.


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